Making pancakes and talking about my feelings.

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Or maybe it’s the digits colliding against another, the eyes rolling back and around like a Ferris wheel. With one lift the frame, the elastic binding, droops. The heart continues to flutter in danse with macabre. Twitches in the toes and rust in the joints, spectral maggots eat away at the fencing. The tracking of … Continue reading Please—

the after party.

Euphoria propels me down the edge of the highway, the backroad shaded by Friday night lights and the heavy fog of my naïveté. Barreling d o w n I become invincible, this case of metal protecting me from my own reckless abandon, creating acoustics for giggles and tone deaf harmonies. Barreling f o r w … Continue reading the after party.

End of an Era

Hello lovelies! I apologize for my absence, I was too busy NOT BEING IN HIGH SCHOOL ANYMORE! For this week’s post, I had honestly been struggling on what to write. So much has happened so quickly and now it’s all over. I have nothing. No real obligations, no true responsibilities. There’s a lot of emptiness … Continue reading End of an Era

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