and all of creation.

I have never seen an elephant.

I imagine them large,

their steps pompous yet mute,

as their ears flap in the wind

like a puzzled bird. Wing like ears

create a gust for the real birds,

the ones gliding in the sky

with swimmers grace,

wondering how it would be

to be a fish.


The floppy fish of the ocean

cower now as the birds swoop,

their fins push downwards,

water covering their bulbous eyes

until they can reach the dark in the

burrow where the moles live,

wishing they were

just a bit smaller to survive.

As tiny as an ant,

who wishes he could jump like a

rabbit who wants nothing more than to be

a dog who pads happily through the forest,

mind fuzzy with wind,

knowing nothing more

than the loving pat that awaits them.


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