*Since it is somebody’s day of birth today that I keep forgetting I thought I’d show them a bit of love

Ever since I was little, I have dealt with the question “Who is your role model?” Personally, I think that is the dumbest thing you can ask someone. No one truly wants to model themselves after anyone, it’s the quickest way to lose a reason to live.

Over the years still, I’ve had various exemplars for all sorts of reasons. I’ve laid it out so that I have three different kinds to span my personality quite nicely. They are:

  • The Peer Model: Someone my age or close that I admire for whatever reason
  • The Close Adult: An adult-like person who I know personally
  • The Out  of Reach: Usually celebrities if they can even be called such

As of now, the first of December in 2016, the first award goes to a girl named Jolly who is the epitome of every parents dream kid. The second is my mom, because I’m basic and I’ve always leaned on her for quite a bit. Now that I’m aging I can’t help but appreciate her. But it’s neither of their birthdays today so I’m going to talk about Tyler Joseph for a minute, but more specifically why he’s on my mental list.

I’ve always struggled when it came to relating to people. My general persona has never been the strongest and has only really improved after middle school. But the thing about Tyler that has always drawn me in is how much of myself I can see in him. That’s terrifyingly refreshing. I think a problem with the paragons we give ourselves is that we choose unobtainable people to model ourselves after and I had to stop doing that to myself.

Tyler’s a songwriter, which has shaped my writing more than most would think. I remember reading through his lyrics and analyzing them for hours at night. From a writer’s perspective, I can’t help but admire strong and distinct metaphors and imagery.

Tyler’s also a lot more optimistic than I am, which honestly isn’t hard. But this optimism doesn’t blindside him at all. He’s very passionate, and eloquent when he decides to be and some of the things he expresses can only be described as shakily written poetry.

I cannot put into words how much I admire him and his bandmate as musicians and more importantly as creators. If you know me, you’re aware of how snail-like I can be as a person. I can only hope that whatever I’m spit out to be, I can be that passionate about what I do and put that much energy and purpose into what I do.

In summary, my true paragon is Tyler Joseph’s brain. But not all of it, just a few aspects here and there. But the thing is, is that as people we’re already like that, just a million different orders of the same coded pieces.

Happy Birthday Tyjo. You did it.



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